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Be with us

From year to year, the days of equality calendar is becoming more and more rich.



Cameral Cinema Cafe
ul. Lektykarska 4
80-831 Gdansk
Tel.: 58 690 70 75

Film projection "Out"

Directed by: Denis Parrot


Paid show, tickets to buy at checkout. Reservation of seats by phone.

A Film assembled from social media recordings on which young homosexuals, shemales and bisexuals make their coming. Denis Parrot: "Nowadays Western societies are becoming more and more gay-friendly, but few people can imagine how it really is to experience others in the sexual or gender sphere. As it goes beyond the adopted standards – both internally and socially. Starting from the personal feelings expressed by teenagers from all over the world, the film presents the social context of this important phenomenon, which is still said to be not enough. "

[opis festiwalowy]


Rainbow Bus

This year, our Rainbow Bus will ride through the streets of the tri-City to invite people to the V of the Tri-city equality March with the sounds of music! If you want to learn about the days of equality, the march, or the work and activities of Tolerado itself, our volunteers and volunteers can be found in the following locations:

12:00-12:30 Kościuszko Skwer, Gdynia
3:15-14:00 Constitution Square, Sopot
14:30-15:00 BUS Station, Gdansk Wrzeszcz
15:30-16:00 Coal Market, Gdańsk

In addition to traditional promotional materials, you will also be able to share with the world why you go to march, and take a photo on a rainbow lion.



Marina Żabi Kruk
ul. Żabi Kruk 15A
80-822 Gdansk

Registration (10 PLN/person)

Sold out

Rainbow Kayaking

Gdansk has a long history of water communication, and this year, we are sharing a rainbow kayaking! Motława has never been so colorful! And since sport is health, it is easy to combine pleasantly with pleasure and contributing to the promotion of the fifth Tricity Equality March, actively spend an afternoon with our rainbow crew!

In addition, each participant will receive a T-shirt in one of the colors of the rainbow-let’s create in the waters of the river paddle, rainbow flag. Could it be better?


Cafe Szafa 
ul. Podmurze 2
80-835 Gdansk

(10 PLN/person
(10 PLN/person)

Speed Dating

Are you a single? Long ago you haven't been a date anymore? Tired of apps and meeting people in clubs? Speed Dating can be your chance to find a second halves! Fast dating is a proven formula for getting to know new people – including, perhaps, the only one. So why not try something new and give yourself a chance for a potentially fascinating acquaintance?

What is fun? Each participant will receive a starting card. For each subsequent conversation, you will be able to check whether you would meet the person once again. If both/both of them mark your fields, we will provide you with your contact details.

So? Will you let us find someone for yourself?


The common room of political criticism in Tr
ójul. New Gardens 35
80-802 Gdansk

Associations of Asecsual people – Film + conversation

Projection of the film "Asexsuality". After the projection of the discussion with Anna Niemczyk, Agnieszka Batorek and Jan Świerszczem concerning the asexsuality and how the associations of asecsuals look like.



Earth Wrzeszcz
aleja Grunwaldzka 76
80-242 Gdansk

Positive conversations

HIV infection is no longer a death sentence. The infected, however, still meet with social stigma, and the knowledge of the virus itself is very poorly distributed. Therefore, together with the Association of Bears of Poland we will try to dispite a few mys about virus infection.

On the "undetectable" campaign, we tell Tomasz Siara, an activist for the movement of U = U (Undetectable = Untransmittable) and a member of the Bears of Poland Association. We will learn what is not what about prophylaxis, and the latest results of virus research. A
n open discussion will be held after the meeting.



The common room of political criticism in Trójmieści
eul. New Gardens 35
80-802 Gdansk

Conversations about coming out

A meeting with Marcin Welan, assistant professor at the University of Gdańsk, author of the book "Coming Out". Parents from the association "My parents" will also attend the meeting. The discussion on the experiences of parents and their children LGBT will lead Anna Strzałkowska.


In the old Kadrz
eul. Lawendowa 2/3
80-840 Gdansk

Queer and Glory-discussion

One of the most prominent Polish writers, poets and essors of the TWENTIETH century, Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz, has repeatedly referred in his work to the queer motifs, he himself called himself a homosexual, although in the light of modern nomenclature as a valid The term "bisexuality" should be considered. The meeting aims to approximate the love part of the artist's biography, with particular emphasis on his relationship with Anna Iwaszkiewicz, Jerzy Błeszczyński and… Karolem Szymanowski.
The interview with the invited guest will be carried out by Adrianna Halman. It will be interwoven by the readings of the fragments of the works of Iwaszkiewicz, in which it particularly strongly chooses non-heteronormatability, and to which the quotations very rarely looks at the sociological and cultural side.


Bunkier Klubogaleria
ul. Olejarna 3
80-843 Gdansk

Admission free from 21:00, from 22:00 admission fee 10 zł.

Drag Night

Drag, once a niche, heavily undergoundowy, more and more often and the laugh enters the mainstream. This year we decided to even better expose our dragowych performers and organize an event especially for them! Occur:

-Werewolf Boi-Performer drag, often in performances utilizing Burleski elements. In the years 2014/2015 he performed in the first Polish boylesque show at Teatr Druga Zone;

-Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz-actor, performer, choreographer. From 1995, he runs the theatre see me on the lips, first in Gdansk and later in Berlin. Creator of countless artistic installations;

-Livbertine-feminine/married. He has been working on the Polish queer and Burleski scene for two years. Co-creates the stage collective of Queer Explosion, loves the beautifully ugly and ugly beautiful. Consciously rejects the classic canons of beauty and quality barriers;

-Lelita Petit-Poznan drag queen, self-proclaimed mascot Stonewall Group, vocalist and performer;

-Elizabitch-Queen Elizabeth (after grandmother), rising star of Polish drag scene. A real Slavic girl, all the best she took from mommy. Dresses also;

The event will lead Wojciech Karwacki-

Because is there a better way to prepare for the march than the brilliant party and the performances of drag queens and drag kings?  Arrive crowds, take your friends, family, colleagues! In the full dragon, in the makeup itself, be wonderfully bent! And let the queer fill the air, like the smog streets of the big cities.


Gdansk Gallery Günter Grassa
ul. Wide 34/358
0-825 Gdansk

Living Library

Don't judge a book on the cover!

Come to the living library, meet and talk to the living books. They are persons belonging to groups discriminated against and perceived stereotyped. On that day they open up for you, and in sincere conversation they will tell you about your life and answer your questions.

For the conversation you will be able to invite among other things: Muslim, the mother of a person with disabilities, a fluttering alcoholik and others.

To the living library can come anyone who wants to meet another man, learn more about his situation, views, life. It is also a space for verifying your own stereotypes. There are no taboos, lists of prepared questions, audiences or moderators. Each reader/reader has 30 minutes to talk to the selected living book.

The Living Library is free and open in hours. 17.00-23.00.
There are no records, no need to have a library card!


Earth Wrzeszcz
aleja Grunwaldzka 76
80-242 Gdansk

Urban game-Rainbow Wrzeszcz

Wrzeszcz hides a lot of history related to LGBT + movement, which many people have no idea. City game in Rainbow Wrzeszcz is an opportunity to actively explore this place, solving puzzles and other tasks.

Come to find out not only what significance the Wrzeszcz had for us in the past, but also what it looks like today-a map full of LGBT-friendly places awaits you, which during the time of the three-city equality days prepared for all participants Special discounts and exclusive promotions!


aSopot Center, Level + 2
ul. Tadeusz Kościuszko 14
81-704 Sopot

"Third Sex" in the free City of Gdansk-lecture and discussion

How were the sexual minorities spoken and written in the free city of Gdansk in the years 1920-1939? Were LGBT people present in the social life of then Gdańsk and Sopot? How was it to be gay in Gdansk or Sopot in the interwar period? What fate met them in the years of World War II?

Would you like to ask Dr. Jak Daniluk-"Third sex"? What do we know about the homosexual people in the free city of Gdansk?

After a short:-) Lecture, discussion with invited guests and the audience will be provided by the editor Maciej Sandecki-publicist Gazeta Wyborcza.

The discussion will be attended by:

Dr. Jan Daniluk-historian, works at the University of Gdańsk, researcher of the history of Gdańsk and Sopot in the 19TH-20TH century, with particular emphasis on the period of free city of Gdansk, as well as selected issues from the years of the SECOND World War and the Third Reich ( ).
Prof. Ewa Graczyk-Works at the University of Gdańsk from 1983 years. Feminist researcher of Polish literature of the 19TH and 20TH centuries and social activist.
Dr. Bartosz Odorowicz-Doctor of Social sciences, historical educator, member of the team forming the Museum of the SECOND Wor
ld War. Dr. Anna Strzałkowska-Psychologist, sociologist, anti-discrimination trainer, social activist.

The meeting will take place on 20 May 2019, Time 18:00, in Sopotece (Sopot Centrum, II floor ul. Paulina 14.


The common room of political criticism in Trójmieści
eul. New Gardens 35
80-802 Gdansk

"Wild Side" movie Show

Directed by: Sébastien Lifshitz

When we think of LGBT + rights, we usually understand our local, Polish perspective and situation in countries where the situation is much better. Rarely when we wonder about how the rainbow life looks like in places where for non-heteronormatability threatens to prison at best, and death in the worst case. Nor do we wonder what life is like in communities from these places, even if they are already residing in an open, tolerant country.

The movie "Wild Side" tells the story of transsexual prostitutes Stephanie, who from the great city returns to the province to take care of the dying mother. The journey is accompanied by an illegal immigrant from Russia and a prostituted young Arab.

After the projection is provided a discussion with Khedi Alievą, a migrant with a Czech and a Muslim, the foundation of the women wanders. The interview will lead Marta Siciarek from the immigrant and Immigrant Support Center.


Chamber Cinema Cafe
ul. 480-831 Lekty
karska Gdańsk

Love relationships between women in mumblecore and cinema of copyright

The action of the movie "Party" directed by Sally Potter takes place at the reception, during which the group of Friends is revealed many secrets. Among the few accumulated couples there are also women preparing for common motherhood. Have you ever had the opportunity to share your past and what does it mean to them?

Sally Potter has realized only a few full-length films, but all of them can be considered copyright feminist utterances. With issues of gender identity and sexual orientation, it has so far been the most pronounced in the adaptation of Virginia Woolf's Orlando.

The cinema and its specific form of mumblecore, as opposed to the mainstream film production, propose a strong, expressive view of the single-relationship relationships between women. The introduction to the film will be a critical review of the most important strategies for imaging the relationship between homosexual and bisexual/pansexual women. The lecture will be presented by Julia Gierczak – philologist, editor and activist, for years associated with the Periodon "Panoptikum" and a number of organisations active in favour of the rights of women and People LGBTQ, author of publications on the latest cinema, co-author Film reviews, conferences, debates and workshops on the relations of audiovisual culture and social issues.

Party[2017], dir. Sally Potter, Wyk. Kristin Scott Thomas, Bruno Ganz, Cherry Jones, Emily Mortimer, Timothy Spall, Patricia Clarkson and Cillian Murphy.

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours (lecture and demonstration of the film, with a short gap between).


Red Lightul P
ub. Beer 28/31
80-831 Gdansk

Bifor Party with BettyQ

What is the best way to warm up before marsz? Party, of course;) And how to spice this party to warm up even more strongly? Throw a Burleski Show!

Traditionally, at the March Beforze we meet in the Red Light Pub to prepare for the music of Saturday. This year, the party before his presence and art will highlight the legendary Betty Q: the first Polish performer of the Burleski. Bodypositivity.
Founder of Madame Q (stage, Academy, cocktail bar) and Burleski Academy
Betty Q. Author of theatrical and film choreography. Producer and director of
Naked Girls Reading Warsaw.

The first performance is for an hour 22:00. Don't be late to regret it later.


Gdansk Centrum

The three-city equality march

 A peaceful demonstration of the streets of Gdańsk.


Club 100cznia
ul. Doki 1
80-863 Gdansk

Rainbow Picnic

Joint sitting after the march, with music and food. During the picnic you will be able to visit the town of NGOs and to conclude a humanistic wedding.


HaH Art & Music Club
Aleja Franciszek Mamuszki 21
81-701 Sopot

Party After

Dance-Music party.


Municipality of Sopot
uul. Tadeusz Kościuszko 25/27
81-704 Sopot

Rainbow Glow of the pearl of the Baltic

Sopot, the capital of Polish entertainment music, is also the summer capital of the Polish LGBT community. Her history is also the stories of gay clubs, sometimes even PRL, or non-heteronormatic artists who came here for performances, vacations or the summer. Among them were famous writers and poets, painters, and celebrities of world cinema format.
Tales of the Rainbow Community of characters and events, and the flourishant cultural and sociable life will be communicated by Ryszard Kisiel, the precursor of the LGBT movement in the days of PRL and Krzysztof Górski, an expert in the three-city history of the queer community .
This year we invite you to the third edition of the footsteps of LGBT +, this time after Sopot, thanks to which you will discover even more rainbow places and listen to even more rainbow stories!
The first such walk took place after Gdańsk, as part of the project "Voice Trail-spoken stories", carried out by the association Arteria in partnership with the Institute of Urban Culture.
Start before the city office of Sopot, ul. Kościuszko 25-27, on Sunday, May 26, 2019, at 15:00.


Club Atelier
Aleja Franciszek Mamuszki 2
81-729 Sopot

Krakofonia Choir Concert

Performance of one of two LGBT-related choes in Poland.



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