V Tri-City Equality March

Love can only connect

For the fifth time, Association for LGBT People Tolerado organizie the Tri-City Equality Days ended with the Tri-City Equality March.
It will be a great celebration of love, freedom, democracy and solidarity!



“Love can only connect” – the slogan of this year’s March – are the words that Paweł Adamowicz opened the Tricity Equality March in 2017.

The call, which is difficult to resist, accurately describes the path of the President of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz.

Former mair Adamowicz introduced unpopular topics to public discourse. Recently – assistance to refugees, integration of immigrants, rights of LGBT + persons. The whole activity of President Adamowicz is a constant crossing of the impossible limits – setting new, seemingly unachievable goals and undertaking actions aimed at achieving them.
Paweł Adamowicz, maintained faithfully to his convictions and values, changed his views under the influence of experiences and meetings with people. It widened the space of freedom, equality and solidarity in this way.

Reflecting on what was the source of the President’s inspiration and strength as well as remarkable effectiveness, we can see the common point of all his activities. Love for people. All people, regardless of their differences.

Mr. Adamowicz will not go with us this time in March. However, His Words and Works accompany us all the time and they will be with us on May 25, 2019.

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